USA    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida E-mail Ph. +1 954 763 7375 / Fx. +1 954 766 2624

EUROPE    Pandrup, Denmark E-mail: Ph. +45 7027 1000 / Fx. +45 7027 1001

ASIA    Singapore, Singapore E-mail: Ph. +65 6767 0200 / Fx. +65 6364 0300

CHINA    Nantong, China E-mail: Ph.  +86 513 8565 2711 / Fx.  +86 513 8565 2713

Working with Scandinavian Boiler Service

Scandinavian Boiler Service offer a variety of jobs in many parts of the world. The organization is dynamic and we cooperate closely across borders on a daily basis - with the world as our workplace.

We are constantly looking for new employees that are enthusiastic, open minded and committed to deliver high quality to our customers. And do you have practical experience with marine burners or boilers it is an extra bonus.

Applying for a job

At Scandinavian Boiler Service we welcome both solicited and uninvited job applications. If you are interested in working for Scandinavian Boiler Service please apply for one of our vacancies or send a few words about yourself including your motivation for applying and an updated CV to one of our regional headquarters.


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