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Marine spare parts - From OEM to tailor-made

Essential to the full-service offer of Scandinavian Boiler Service is our broad range of spare parts. SBS offers most parts for any make of burners, e.g. electrical components and control panels. For boilers e.g. tubes with extended heating surface, gaskets and valves.  

It is also worth to mention that SBS provides both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) parts and tailor-made solutions designed and produced by SBS or our broad network of manufacturing sub-suppliers.

As an example SBS manufactures parts for e.g. KB burners in same quality as the OEM.

Fast delivery

SBS world-wide presence and strong sourcing discipline allows us to offer our customers very competitive price levels. We work directly with manufacturers which enables us to secure high quality and no unnecessary costs. Internally we have short and efficient working procedures. Additionally SBS stock a wide range of spare parts in every region which ensures our customers fast delivery anywhere in the world.

Repair and reconditioning

A signature service of SBS is repair and reconditioning of spare parts such as electronic print cards for burner control systems and rotary cups including balancing. The repair- and reconditioning service is carried out by SBS specialists and the parts are then shipped directly back to the customer. 

Multi-brand expertise

SBS are the proud authorized spare parts agents for Saacke, Petro, Oilon, Weishaupt and Sunflame in several markets. Additionally, we provide parts for most other marine boilers such as TPK, Aalborg, Sunrod, Kangrim, Clayton, Osaka, Mitsubishi, Miura and burner plants such as Volcano, Vesta (KB) and others.

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