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New Boilers and Heat exchangers

The production partner of SBS Industries has built more than 14.000 boilers for land-, marine- and offshore applications. In the future SBS Industries will continue to focus on manufacturing boilers of all sizes and designs including oil fi red boilers, combined oil- and gas fi red boilers and exhaust gas boilers. Our extensive drawings archives enable our customers to choose between a broad product catalogue while we are also able to design and produce according to special needs and specifi cations.

In the past decade production of new boilers for FPSO has been added to the business. The facility has delivered several large size boilers for installations on deck on FPSO's and is now also able to offer full maintenance and repair programs for these. Besides the boiler production SBS Industries manufactures a broad range of related products such as heat exchangers, air pressure vessels, economizers, storage tanks and skid-mounted fuel supply stations for multiple purposes.

FPSO boilers
Heat exchangers

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