Precision work

Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia
Workshop in Pandrup, Denmark
Pintubes ready for shipment

The success of any boiler repair or conversion is dependent on the quality of the materials used and the precision implemented in the preparation and treatment of materials.

Scandinavian Boiler Service have own workshops located strategically around the globe to ensure flexibility, speed and quality in the sourcing and manufacturing of repair materials.

Multiple competences

The SBS workshops employ highly skilled craftsmen who work closely together with our project management and engineering divisions to ensure timely job completion with documentation of the quality of materials used.

SBS workshops around the world provide competitive prices and quality on materials and parts for marine heating systems. The assortment includes i.a. sourcing, production and preparation of tube plates, pin tubes, fin tubes, spiral wound tubes, pre-bent tubes together with pressure vessels, steam drums, superheaters and a broad range of replacement parts for boilers, economizers and heat exchangers.