Marine boiler repair - From redesign to replacement

Scandinavian Boiler Service provide turnkey repair, maintenance, upgrade and conversion of all auxiliary and exhaust gas boilers. Our experienced boiler repair project organization work closely with our customers throughout the planning, preparation and execution of each job. See how we work

Drawings database across boiler makes

Since 1995 SBS has accomplished repairs on more than 3.000 boilers and related systems of all makes and sizes. Our database of boiler- and heating systems- drawings hold the manufacturing drawings for more than 25.000 boilers. Besides SBS have acquired the rights and drawing material related to all boilers of the German make Dresden-Ãœbigau and the Croatian TPK.

SBS improves availability of boiler repairs

In addition to the burner control system development, SBS has formed a unique supply chain system for our boiler repair activities. We call this virtual boiler repair engine "SBS Industries" to reflect the combination of the attractive price and quality of factory made boiler parts and the responsiveness of the repair riding squad. The existing SBS repair hubs in Ft. Lauderdale, Pandrup and Singapore are augmented by close cooperation with renowned boiler factories TPK in Zagreb and Saacke Marine Boilers in Qingdao.

Combined with an increase in the number of riding squads and forming of locally based repair squads in Dubai and Nantong, SBS has improved the availability of swift quality repairs at attractive prices - In short; if you have a boiler problem, SBS has the solution.

Global voyage repair

SBS operate highly efficient boiler repair squads ready to travel with the vessel and undertake even complex repair jobs during voyage - in consideration of the vessels sail plan. While repair is in progress SBS supply temporary oil-fired boilers or install by-pass around exhaust gas boilers to constantly keep the vessel operational. See some examples

Quality throughout our value chain

At SBS we work efficiently and with focus on always delivering high quality. All facilities and personnel hold relevant classification certificates. SBS' own workshops around the world produce and supply best quality tailor-made parts for repair tasks, including fin- and pin tubes, pressurized tubes, spiral wound tubes, pre-bent tubes, steam drums, super heaters etc. Read  more about our certificates